Uniting the Movement to Create a Vegan Future

All Activists Whether you’re a Peta advocate, a 269er or a dedicated abolitionist, you’re fighting to make the world go vegan. Everyone has a unique standpoint and different opinions on the best way to go about vegan activism, and that’s great.If we can learn to understand each other, accept our differences, and fight to cut out the ‘friendly fire,’ we’ll boost our chances of success greatly.

The animal rights movement is primed to reach the next level and to really break into the mainstream. We’ve got tons of enthusiastic, passionate, and dedicated activists working tirelessly to bring about social change, and this is awesome.

If we want to create an attractive proposition for people to join, its time to cut out the negativity, stop our vegan on vegan bitching and unite for the animals. After all, we’re all trying to achieve the same goal.

This is not about some sort of utopia dream of all vegans running in the fields together holding hands and singing songs. It’s about creating a movement which has enough fire power and traction to actually make a difference in the world.

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Whilst some vegans might believe that direct action is counter productive to the cause, others are opposed to the softy softy approach of leafleting as they think it’s not getting the job done quickly enough. What people seem to forget is that in just the same way us vegan activists choose different ways of advocating for the animals, the people we’re trying to reach with the vegan message respond to different approaches.

I went vegan after watching Gary Yourofsky’s ‘Best Speech Ever’ and think that he’s an amazing advocate for the vegan message, yet others don’t respond well to him at all as they find his approach to be too confrontational.

If we are truly interested in changing the world we need Peta and Vegan Outreach just as much as we need the ALF and 269 activists as each are doing their bit to alter societies perception of the way we treat animals and move us closer to a vegan world. Sure we’re not always going to agree with or support everything that these organisations do, but surely we would be doing much better work for the animals if we just quit slating each other and focused on something doing things which are more positive and productive.

I think that as a movement we need to be more forceful if we want to make serious progress, but at the same time, we need leafleters, bloggers, vegan cake makers, and friendly faces on the streets changing perceptions.

All activists play an important role in creating a vegan future. It’s time to unite the movement and take action for the animals.

Introducing: Our Series on ‘Uniting the Movement to Create a Vegan Future’

Want to know why uniting the movement is essential to lasting change for the animals and creating a vegan future?

You want to make a better world for animals right? (screams of  HELL YEAH and fists punching the air!)

Its time to UNITE and TAKE ACTION…….